Lies & Garbage Show

PAUSE...You Were Celibate For HOW MANY YEARS?!?!

March 15, 2022 Sasha Monet, Ty Wonder, Mrs. Robbin Season 4 Episode 12
Lies & Garbage Show
PAUSE...You Were Celibate For HOW MANY YEARS?!?!
Show Notes

We tried to be on our best behavior today, but thankfully our special guest and first guest in our studio didn't judge us! In this episode we start by discussing Ty getting her back broke in & upgrading her twerk level but dive straight in to our special guest, Mrs. Robbin. All "Shade" included!

In this episode we chat with Mrs. Robbin who Sasha met at a friends dinner party which we discussed in the episode about if black women are raised to be strong women or wives.

Just when we thought Ty's celibate journey was killing her, we learn of Mrs. Robbin's completely celibate lifestyle for 9 (yes N-I-N-E) YEARS and how it lead to her finding herself & when she finally felt comfortable to cut the ribbon.

We start a lovely and hilarious conversation with Mrs. Robbin the epitome of class and her journey of love, faith, abuse, marriage, divorce, Tinder, nursing & of course SEX!

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